How to lose belly fat | #ASKMAY

I asked May, “how to lose belly fat”. It’s our most commonly asked question and if you’re focusing on the exercises you’re doing, you may have been misled. But don’t worry! We have a solution.
By reducing your consumption of excessive calories, you will be feeding your belly to a degree that you cannot out exercise. You have 2 choices, go for an hour run or don’t eat the crisps and chocolate. I know which one I would chose! It is always easier to not eat the calories than burn them
Processed Foods
Processed foods are low in fibre and can react within our gut which leads to them sticking around for longer and gases being released which can lead to bloating. Avoid them and replace them with fibre rich, natural foods which are found in plants (fruit and veg)
Abdominal distention occurs naturally with age. It’s when the abdominal wall loses its tone and the ligaments that hold our organs up start to lengthen. To avoid this, stick to an exercise regime that pushes you and train your abdominal muscles. I have a video I’ll be releasing next week with the best exercises
And remember, we’re a conversation away from getting you to where you want to be. So stop thinking about it and lets get you booked in for your free consultation
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