The cycle of change with Dr Natalie St Just

When was the las time you dedicated yourself to change? You may be able to spot a pattern below, discussed by Dr Natalie St Just at the clinic the other Saturday, during her Psychology for Weight Loss seminar
#1 Why are you feeling conflicted? 
It’s time to put down that bad habit as a coping mechanism and ask why you need it in the first place
#2 Am I ready for change yet? And if so what can I change?
You’ll hear Dr St Just speak about “feeling wobbly”. This isn’t a good time for change. We need a solid foundation
#3 How do I take action?
What are support groups, professional services (Revitalize clinic for example) that can help be achieve my goals?
#4 Can I maintain this?
Have I committed to something I can maintain or something that will stop just as quickly as it started?
#5 What to do when I relapse?
This is a natural part of the cycle. My weight, work ethic, sporting performance, academic performance has fluctuated hugely over my lifespan but has continued to progress, on average, in one direction. I suppose this is partly due to my ability to maintain my relapses. How can you manage yours?
What do you think? I hope this is helpful for you and remember, all of our services provide a free consultation. So, want to get in touch? Let me know. Hit the message button, reply, comment etc and we’ll answer any of your questions
Natalie provides free assessments for life coaching and counselling. Want to change your life? It starts with a chat 🙂
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