I asked May, “how do you avoid loose skin whilst loosing weight?”

I asked May, “how do you avoid loose skin whilst loosing weight?”
I know this is a secret fear of so many people we speak to. Your size, like anything else, can start to form part of your identity which means the thought of loosing that weight, and part of your identity with it, only to be left with stretch marks and loose skin… it can be a real concern.
May has the perfect answer:
#1 Take it slow. This will give your skin time to regain its elasticity
#2 Eat plenty of healthy fats in the form of oily fish, oils, avocados nuts and seeds. Oily fish such as salmon also contains omega 3 which may help to fight inflammation of the skin and vitamin e which may help to reduce inflammation as well
#3 Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! My personal favourite is Palmer’s cocoa butter but I am sure May has her favourites! Other popular choices for more extreme scarring would be bio oil
I hope this helps! And remember! All of our services provide a free consultation. So, want to get in touch? Let me know. Hit the message button, reply, comment etc and we’ll answer any of your questions
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