The body goes where the mind wills it to | Psychology for Weight Loss Seminar

I was speaking to a clinical psychologist recently. She worked in bariatrics (obesity patients) who had just had a surgical procedure to reduce their eating. They could face going under the knife. But they found it incredibly difficult to face their own psychology. Their own thought processes that led to them going under the knife in the first place.
This is the main reason why I have so much respect and joy for those who attended the Weight Loss Seminar for Weight Loss on Saturday. To improve the workings of one’s own mind is probably the most rewarding yet difficult things we can do. And they did it 😄
We focused on emotions, habits and well being and how they can all push us into committing to habits that do us no good at all
Our body goes where our mind wills it to. If you need any help with mind control 😄 then please reply to this email and I can book you in for a free consultation with Dr St Just
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