The Ultimate Hamstring Stretch and Spinal Mobilisation

Do you suffer shortened hamstrings? Really common for those of us who sit a lot.
Give this stretch a go (stay away from this if you suffer from spinal or hip injuries)
Retrospectively I would also use a towel or something long for both parties to hold as otherwise this can get a bit to tough. Hold on and gently rock too and fro by contracting and relaxing your hamstrings whilst trying to keep your chest high.
Stretches only work to temporarily desensitise muscle contraction. But if we contract our muscles whilst they’re stretched, this leads to something call sacromerogenesis which causes muscles to essentially grow longer. Much more stable length changes. Give this a go with a partner if your spine and hips etc. are healthy enough to do so and do not go above a 4/10 level of discomfort and 6/10 level of effort
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