Get better at saying NO!

How hard is it to say no?
“I was using my job as an excuse to drink and eat in excess…”
Heather started saying no. She lost 2 stones of body fat, increased her success and started her own business. So why do we find it so hard to say no?
Sometimes it means leaving “the old us” behind. It means creating a vulnerability, i.e. “Will they still think I’m fun? Will I still be able to enjoy life?”
The truth is that saying no more often can actually raise our self esteem, empower us and give us the space we need to grow. So…
I challenge you to give it a go! And in fact, I challenge you to take the first step in speaking to one of our health and fitness professionals about honing your diet, exercise regime and general health to take life by the horns and be the greatest version of you, you can possibly be 🙂
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