Foot Pain | Arwel has the solution

Arwel’s in our Maidstone Branch providing amazing transformations. Sunil has done fantastically well. We work hard for these transformational stories as do our patients
“You gave me genuine hope that this was going to repair fully. That made a big difference psychologically . I went away from that first session a lot better mentally”
 “I’m really pleased”
In this video Sunil explains his process from being in pain through his treatment and rehabilitation to where he is now.
When Sunil first arrived he had lost hope in his ability to function without pain, he’d avoided the gym for a while and even walking had now become uncomfortable.
We went through a process of taking a history and assessing Sunil’s foot and got to the root of what was going on and why he was unable to deal with force going through his foot.
With some treatment, rehab exercises that were easily accessible to Sunil to increase the likelihood of adherence we soon saw changes.
As Sunil says himself we saw changes session after session and we soon started spreading sessions out and giving Sunil time to go and work on what he considered was possible.
Walking returned, lunging, and then even squatting and rolling over onto the toes were comfortable.
A big thank you to Sunil for giving us this feedback and for being a great patient!
What could you change with a little guidance?
Give us a call and maybe you could get back to the things you love!
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