Phones Ruin Our Mental Health | School Talk on Social Media

Evolutionary Psychology promotes the idea that our psychological traits, for better or for worse, at one point helped us to survive.
Ever noticed that your eye is taken by fast cars, Rolexes and LV bags? This group of 24 Grammar kids did. Previously I explained how this same alertness would have potentially saved them 200,000 years ago by explaining Cas, the caveman’s situation.
I have included the notes below so feel free to have a watch of the video, read the notes and check the solution


So Cas brings his kill back to the village and realises that Carl has brought home a bigger wildebeest. Carl is gaining influence in the tribe and he has a tendency to kill those who are in his way. What could Cas do?
Answer: Cas could assassinate Carl or challenge him to a fight
Stone Age Adaptation: Cas maintains his social ranking, is more likely to eat and reproduce
Modern Day Consequences: Cas’ situation is quickly remedied. But today, due to laws and social norms a competing colleague, adulterous spouse, yelling boss can stress our social ranking but we cannot act aggressively. This can create chronic stress which increasing our likelihood of anxiety, depression, heart disease, stroke and diabetes
If we extend this example, Cas may have seen 500 people in his entire lifetime. If you take out your phone, go on your favourite social media channel and time how many people you can see if you swipe in 60 seconds. Every time you see these individuals you are subconsciously assessing their rank and power. If they are more powerful than you, you will fixate on them and try to emulate their status. If they are of a lower status, you will disregard them.
People of higher rank are by far, overrepresented in your mind in comparison to those of perceived lower rank

The solution?

To take a conscious approach to your life. Consciousness is the most recent psychological trait we have been blessed with. We have just discussed the primitive drivers of the mind. Consciousness enables us to take a birds eye perspective upon these traits and assess whether or not they are useful to our own self development. It is logical and void of emotionally reactive response.
And remember, that if your mental health is slipping, we’re here for you. Book a free consultation with us
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