Important points


Ankle mobility

Knees over toes 

Weight assisted lunge  (ankle mobility) 

Knee over toe lunge 

Banded ankle lunging

Single leg knee over toe squat

Hip rotation & flexion 

(knees to chest and turned out slightly) 

1.Want to warm up a squat, then squat! Vary things, foot position, amount of hip turn out, width of stance, weighted, overhead. 

  1. 90/90 transitions 

  1. Cossack Squat

Tall/ proud chest (mid back extension) 


1.Foam roller assisted extensions 

2.Rig assisted squatting with PVC pole 

Shoulder mobility (allows weight to be above head & feet) 

  1. Active overhead shoulder flexion lying on front & external rotation

2. Isolated shoulder rotations 

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