Mobility for Max Out | Full Guide Blog Post

Important points


Ankle mobility

Knees over toes 

Weight assisted lunge  (ankle mobility) 

Knee over toe lunge 

Banded ankle lunging

Single leg knee over toe squat

Hip rotation & flexion 

(knees to chest and turned out slightly) 

1.Want to warm up a squat, then squat! Vary things, foot position, amount of hip turn out, width of stance, weighted, overhead. 

  1. 90/90 transitions 

  1. Cossack Squat

Tall/ proud chest (mid back extension) 


1.Foam roller assisted extensions 

2.Rig assisted squatting with PVC pole 

Shoulder mobility (allows weight to be above head & feet) 

  1. Active overhead shoulder flexion lying on front & external rotation

2. Isolated shoulder rotations 

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