My Shoulder Pain and Charmaine


You know when you put off a treatment because you think it’ll get better… you look up and 3 months has passed?!
I fell into that trap and I’m surrounded by 10 health professionals at Revitalize. So if it happened to me it can happen to anyone. Thankfully Charmaine and myself had a few minutes to work through my shoulder injury. I filmed it for you
The capsule (balloon like thing that surrounds the shoulder joint) was restricted. Possibly from years of jabbing when I used to box. But it was limiting my ability to weight train.
After a 5 minute treatment and some great exercises to go home with, my shoulder is the best it’s felt in months. One exercise was called a sleeper stretch. The other, far more effective, was called a b****rd.. yup, effective but painful
Moral of the story:
  1. Charmaine is awesome
  2. If you have an injury that isn’t getting better, let us take a look
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