Small Place Big Story

“we have on average 85 years on this planet to enjoy a small part of infinite and it is our duty to optimise our ability over that time”
Seeing two friends die before the age of 20 gave me my purpose. Time is valuable beyond measure. We are born and we will die; my mission is to extrapolate as much potential from your bodies and your minds as I can so you can LIVE LIFE. My team are on board with this mission. Are you?
What are you doing with those 85 years? I’m interested. Before Ben from Small Place Big Story came through, it wasn’t as clear as it is now. But after some great conversation my purpose came to surface in as simple an explanation as I could conjure.
I want you to reach your full potential. That means becoming who you have envisioned yourself to be.
Strong, confident and pain free. No pain. No anxiety or depression. No disease. No weakness. Strong, confident and pain free
What are you doing with your time?
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