Jumping Could be the Best Thing for Your Knees and Ankles

Jumping could be the best thing for your knees and your ankles. But don’t take my word for it. Science has shown the explosive movements such as jumping provide the following benefits
  1. strengthen soft tissue such as tendons, ligaments and even bones
  2. improved training of force distribution which leads to fewer joint injuries
I personally use plyometrics and eccentrics to rehabilitate the knees and ankles of any sport that involves running or jumping (i.e. rugby, football, basketball, running etc.)
So why do we miss it out? Because it’s hard! So you make it easier. Below is a simple way to scale the box jump
a) chair squat and calf raises
b) air squat and single leg calf raises
c) step ups and single leg calf raises
d) jump up step down, plate hops (shown)
e) box jumps (shown) and plate hops (shown)
Train to become tolerant of force. Learn to become tolerant of problems. Endure to become tolerant of stress
And if you need help, you know what to do. Book a free consultation
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