Patient angry when she discovers her MRI findings | “You Don’t Know Anything”

Our greatest fear… damage. Everlasting, irreversible damage. Disc prolapse, arthritis, torn muscles etc…
But I am afraid you have been lied to
The other week a patient was unfortunately very upset. We were treating her for joint pain in her lower back, successfully so. She was getting stronger and her pain was reducing consistently until her long awaited MRI results came back revealing a disc prolapse in her lower back. “You’ve missed it!”, she boomed, “you’ve been treating me wrongly this whole time”.
You see, in her mind, damage equalled pain. Not true. If you watch the video of pain expert Lorimer Moseley explaining above; pain is protective. It is not a predictor of damage. 36% of people her age in no pain had a disc protrusion.
The second point is that the body is adaptive. You take your car to the mechanic; fine. The car can’t grow a new engine. But way too many people take their bodies to the surgeon; especially for their spine. You think cutting through muscle, ligaments, tendons and cartilage just to get to the prolapse and then weeks of bed rest is going to fix your tiny disc prolapse? Be my guest, but these medieval surgeries are becoming less popular for a reason.
Drive adaptation. Become stronger, more confident and pain free.
Luckily this patient is continuing to make great progress with us. You can too. Just drop us a message 🙂
Pain Free is Possible
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