The Yogi who had to learn to become a Ninja | 30 Years of Pain Eradicated in 3 Weeks
“you have to learn to become the Ninja, Belinda” I think was the best metaphor for this patient’s case
There are two types of ways people deal with pain; those who hide from it and those who try work through it. Which one are you? Belinda was definitely a work through’er. But pain functions very much like a memory will often become reinforced by those who try and “work through it”.
You can’t hide from it either as this will lead to a drastic reduction in tolerance to force, so we have to work around pain. This creates new neural mapping and lessens sensitivity. You have be a Ninja. You have to work under cover.
To do this, Belinda worked with press ups and isolated movements of the shoulder seen below before scaling up into press ups and check out her amazing progress below. She is excited to return back to yoga moves she thought she would never be able to do again. The only job I have now is to keep her to her role as a Ninja for a little while longer because she goes full Samurai again!

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