Spinal Alignment, Adjustment, Uneven Hips… BLAH BLAH BLAH

Spinal Alignment, Adjustment, Uneven Hips… BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAAAHHHHH

Now we use spinal manipulation a lot at Revitalize. But me and Arwel are getting tired of these 200 year old theories of spinal manipulation being dictated to our patients.

Here are some that you may have heard….

1. re-aligning someone’s spine (but if we live an asymmetrical life i.e. brush teeth right handed, stand on left foot, kick with other foot… are we meant to be aligned?)
2. putting back, back in place (if the forces that an Osteopath generates can put someone’s back, back in place; why does your back not crumble every time you tie up your shoe lace or WHY is every rugby player and jujitsu artist not misaligned, every time they’re tackled)
3. correcting leg length (unless you’re a soldier at constant attention, how many times do you actually stand or sit completely symmetrical; not much so how relevant is your leg length discrepancy. Research shows not much)

In face, according to the research, manipulation has the following benefits. HOWEVER, these most often short term and need to be reinforced with rehabilitation, advice and pain science

1. Acute release of endorphins which are natural pain relievers
2. Short term modification of mechanoreceptors which can increase range of motion
3. Inhibit pain to improve function
4. Satisfy the patients expectations and need of care

Accompanied with exercises and advice that drive you to adapt to the environment you have so previously enjoyed, and you have a winning formula to be pain free ASAP

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