How to Foam Roll Your Legs (thigh, calf and hamstring) |The Truth and the Right Way

“You’re too tight… you should foam roll!”
Wrong. Foam rolling provides a very temporary increase in range of motion for some people. Therefore if you’re foam rolling for 20mins and not noticing any benefit… it may not be for you
FACT #1 Foam Rolling doesn’t increase muscle length but…
FACT #2 It can temporarily increase joint and muscle flexibility
FACT #3 Muscles need load to stimulate the growth of muscles in that continued direction (muscle extensibility)
The solution? Foam roll if beneficial for 30 – 60 seconds after a thorough warm up, before progressing onto exercises that increase muscle length. Examples are
  1. Straight leg deadlifts (hamstrings)
  2. Dead pull ups (lats, rotator cuff and biceps)
  3. Deep Squats and lunges (hip flexors and quadriceps)
And the list goes on. Enjoy! And if you have any questions or need more help with your injuries or training, you know where to turn to. Contact us for personal training and injury assessments and diagnosis
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