The Truth About Your Back | Arwel, New Revitalize Osteopath

I am so excited to introduce you to Arwel. Arwel has moved from South Wales to become a full time team member at the Revitalize Clinic. Why? Because we have a few things in common and you may be able to tell from this video
Firstly is our scientifically founded methods in getting people pain free. Structural changes found via MRI, X-Ray and ultrasound, wear and tear, are more like wrinkles on your face than death sentences. I.e. imaging looking in the mirror age 50 and being horrified at the site of wrinkles. “I must be go to my consultant straight away to get these cut out…” Now this might seem crazy (or not in 2019), but this is how people view their spine (or other joints) “I have a disc prolapse?!… when can you take it out?”
Research has shown that disc herniations, torn muscles, osteoarthritis etc. can be conditioned to becoming not just healthy but completely functional.
Key facts:
  • gymnasts commonly carry spinal fractures yet are completely functional
  • 40% of pain free individuals over the age of 40 have disc prolapses
  • 50-60 year olds commonly carry shoulder tears that are not symptomatic
So what should we focus on? Function, ability and adaptation. Just like you do not surgically implant intelligence, the ability to dance, sing, pick our musical notes or read; a lot of the time you should not be relying on surgical interventions for a pain free lifestyle. Practice a pain free lifestyle by building on what you can do and go from there. I.e. if you can’t walk for 10 mins, start for 5 and increase. If you can’t stand for 10 mins. Start with 5 and increase
And if you can’t think of how to do so, that’s why we’re here. Book a free consultation by contacting us directly via this message or post or by visiting
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