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Watch as your heart and lungs increase their blood supply whilst you run, your muscles reinforce in response to weight training and your mind moulds to classical music and algebra… so what adaptation can we create to go from being in pain to pain free?
Because it’s all the same. The body is plastic and under your control. Give it the right information in the right environment and it will adapt….
Sixteen year history of discal pain reversed, how did we do it?
Ricky’s sciatic nerve was inflamed and didn’t like to be pulled or stretched. He had raging pain down the back of his leg
Let’s turn the volume down on the pain first. Massage to the muscles until supple, articulate the joints to improve mobility whilst also educating Ricky on how to do this at home means he could also treat his own injury and manage his own pain
Next let’s strengthen the structural chain that is causing Ricky so much grief. The muscles in the posterior chain (i.e. the back and the thigh) work hard to protect the sciatic nerve more than they need to do so. By lengthening these under load, we improve pain free mobility
Lastly! By incorporating further spinal manipulation and rotational exercises, we can start to get Rick’s golf swing back to a pain free standard whilst improving his confidence in his back and his golf swing too
Rick’s spine can happily recover with the right management and exercises. As well as this we are consistently improving his confidence and his belief systems about his spine which have a huge dampening effect on pain. And that’s how we get disc pain, pain free!
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