Who Wants Baby Hips | How to Increase Hip Flexibility

Baby hips, anyone? Who wants to improve hip mobility?
Greater hip mobility can massively help to off load the lower back, improve sports performance and strength and EVEN provide a few party tricks 😄 So let’s get started with the video above
I like to approach all ranges of motion (flexion, extension and abduction with added rotation) and provide the opportunity for LOAD. Why? Because by loading stretches we can increase mobility by more effectively stimulating tissue to lengthen.
That’s why in the video above you will see every exercise (the bridge, hip flexor stretch, cossacks and sumo deadlift) have the option to drive load straight through the hip joint and thus create a greater range of motion
One area that can mimic poor hip mobility however, is poor ankle mobility so make sure you address those with the video posted 2 weeks ago. You can check that video out here https://revitalizeclinic.co.uk/building-mobile-ankles/
Let us know how you get on! And if you need more attention placed to your injuries / pain then please book a free consultation
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