Shoulders of Steel with Lauren Smith

Lauren, our fantastic new Osteopath has a treat for you. Shoulders can be painful… PAINFUL

Lauren Smith, Maidstone Osteo


And when they’re broken, we need to strengthen them. But to do so, we need to desensitise them first. A painful shoulder is hard to load. But with the right desensitisation exercises we can begin to.

Have a go at these below exercises and let us know how you get on. Lauren has structured the below exercises so that they’re in order of easy to hard


Self-massage using a tennis ball

It is important with shoulder injuries that the rotator cuff muscles are relaxed to enable good shoulder mobility. Start by standing against a wall and placing a tennis ball between the wall and your shoulder blade. Slowly move your body over the tennis ball to target the rotator cuff muscles. Work on this area for about 60 seconds.


Isometric exercises to engage the muscles of the rotator cuff

When recovering from an injury, it is important to activate the muscles around the shoulder joint to build strength and prevent further injury. Stand facing a wall or door frame and keeping your arm straight, push your arm out in front of you into the wall as if you are trying to bring it above your head. Hold this for 10 seconds. Repeat similar movements for abduction and rotation of the arm.



Quadruped movements of the shoulder

To keep the shoulder joint mobile, basic movements of the shoulder should be carried out daily. Start on all fours and slowly lift your arm up out in front of you as far as comfortable. Then lower your arm back to a neutral position. Repeat this for extension and abduction of the shoulder. This sequence of movements should be carried out for 60 seconds.

And if you’re still in pain, you know what to do. Book a free consultation by contacting us

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