I actually had a quick look at Kyle’s back the other day. Kyle is the head coach at NWK Cross Fit Maidstone and he was happy to discover that firstly we can help, secondly he can carry on training and thirdly that there are specific exercises he can do to get him back to the level that he wants to be.
Tomorrow our fantastic new osteopath, Lauren, will be seeing her first patient at NWK Cross Fit; a 5000 square foot gym space with our very own treatment room.
I can’t express to you how adaptable the human body is. If an intervention is the right intervention, you will adapt to it. And that is how we get people pain free; by finding the right intervention for that person to drive the adaptation to becoming pain free, stronger and more mobile.
If the body thinks it is strong enough to deal with its current environment, the pain response will be lifted. Message me and I’ll explain further
Have a great day and let your Maidstone friends know we have their back (literally)

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