Nav Bains | No Pain, More Gain. 10 Years of Pain

“I can’t deadlift without upper back pain…” was all Nav had to say. I love to deadlift and the fact her injury was holding her back… something had to be done. She hadn’t been pain free in 1o years

One huge problem was that Nav’s default environment (being sat at a desk) wasn’t helping things either. Her upper back was becoming inflamed and painful. When this occurs, most people look to their posture. Don’t

The worst posture is the one you keep for longest. You can have an efficient posture than enables you to sit pain free for longer but you shouldn’t simply think that because your posture is correct, your pain should cease. Instead your spinal load needs interrupted. Nav found these below exercises very effective at doing so (view at to see them). She completes these exercises every couple of hours for 2 minutes

By doing this, her spinal cord is no longer being barraged with pain 8 hours a day. This means her nervous system is no longer learning to trigger that pain. Instead, it is learning to desensitise the area.

The next step was to strengthen her upper back. Each exercise of course has to be specific to the patient’s needs and my favourite for anyone lifting weights is the inverted row.

It is a closed kinetic chain (hands are fixed) enabling more intense muscular contraction as whilst producing lower pain, enabling greater strength gains and less pain.

Within 4 treatments, Nav has been pain free for the first time in 10 years… yes 10 years and you can be too

Read her full rehab plan below or contact us via the message button

Full Rehab Plan

Phase One
Pain Relief (desensitisation, pain education, home tools/ management)
5 x 60 seconds
1. sitting novel movements at work
2. self massage
Phase two
Rehabilitation (Education on process; Backwards engineer end goal; Strategise graded improvements to function)
5 x 60 seconds
1. banded dumb waiters
2. quadruped novel movments
1. inverted row
2. banded dumb waiters
3. DL form
Phase Three
State to discharge (i.e. pain 1/10; Can squat with 20kg load; Can sit for longer than 60mins pain free)
1. pain free at work
Maintenance Plan to address:
1. mobility at work and last stage of rehab


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