New Premises Announcement

Now I know you thought our work was done when we expanded to an 1800 square foot clinic in Gravesend but it certainly isn’t. We are now opening clinics in establishments where we’re needed. Gyms, doctor’s surgeries, offices etc. Gyms are a particularly interesting focus.
Yes if you go to the gym you’re more likely to suffer from periods of short term pain (acute pain) research has shown that exercise is incredibly beneficial for those in long term pain (chronic pain).
This will enable us to get to work on those who need us and also have equipment available to us to introduce those who are in pain to subtle and advanced strengthening exercises to create long term pain relief and functional improvements.
Getting someone pain relief is easy. But reintroducing them into the lifestyle that they previously enjoyed; strong, confident and pain free?
That’s our speciality But I want to know your thoughts. Post them below, reply and share this post
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