Making What Was Painful Instantly Pain Free | Simon Hurry’s Back Pain

I listened to an interesting talk the other day on how different cultures describe pain. Interestingly enough, in the west we’re very pain focused. We refer to pain with adjectives such as “burning… sharp… deep… nervey… twingey…” etc as opposed to other cultures who will refer to pain in the context of what they cannot do i.e. “I can’t bend forward… lift my arm…”

The functional perspective is much more useful as it provides the solution, not the problem. And this is what we need to focus on to get anywhere. Focus away from the pain, focus on the functional improvement to be made in the context of pain.

You’ll be shocked that this instant Back Pain “cure” doesn’t come with a quick click or soft tissue release but by instead, hacking the nervous system.

This is a common phenomena we play about with at the clinic to find a way to make what is painful to you, pain free. In short, if we modify what is painful and make it pain free, the nervous system will make what was painful, pain free.

This is the concept of a novel movement further described by myself below (seen below if viewing on our blog to make bending forward and backwards pain free

In short, if Simon repeats this “Novel Version” of sitting to standing, his nervous system will take it as justification to reduce pain because the nervous system no longer sees this motion as a threat. And THIS is how you make what was painful, pain free

And if YOU have pain that you want to make pain free, you know who to call. Contact us below

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