Common Pitfalls to New Year Resolutions | Can I make a suggestion for your New Year Health Mission?

Hey, I am sure you have already started brain storming as to which class, supplement or diet to use to propel your health to new heights in 2019 but there are common pitfalls we commonly see that I would love for you to avoid.

I’ll break it down into three components and remember, we’ve become very good at looking out for these pit falls for our clients. I would love for you to join them in the classes we’re currently running. Check below for more details otherwise scroll past the two videos below


Do What You Can Keep Up with for a Year

Motivation fatigues. It is why you find your diet slipping naturally towards the weekend. Your discipline fades. Good health is fuelled by consistency. Stick with the 80:20 rule. If you can be good 80% of the time, you will naturally become increasingly biased towards making healthy decisions.

If you go too hard too soon i.e. completely reversing your diet, exercising till unbearably sore and becoming generally miserable, you will not make it past 3 months regardless of how motivated you originally feel. Be honest with yourself and make small consistent steps


Get Your Tribe Involved

There is a term used by nutritionists “if it’s in the house it will be eaten… it’s only a matter of time”. It is impossible for moderate to low motivation individuals to keep to a healthy diet consistently if your household or close group of friends are not on the same mission.

If you really want to make a significant change, sit them down and explain how important this change is to you. I will summarise below the very real benefits of a healthier lifestyle

  • raised self esteem
  • better energy levels
  • longer, more rewarding life
  • reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and liver disease which severely impact quality of life

Up to 40% of us die prematurely due to what goes into our mouths and what we do with our bodies. Make the smart decision


Practice Mind Control

I mean this in as general a sense as applicable. Your mind should be the council that governs every significant action. Practice mindfulness, meditation, philosophy (Stoic philosophy is a personal favourite) and take control of your mind. Give in less to emotional whims and take control of your actions. If you need any further advice, our Yogi, Leyla would love to help you

Get in touch

And regardless of whether you would like to work with us or not, please let us know about your progress. We’re here for support

But if you would like to join us to get in the best shape of your life, mentally and physically, then contact our page below



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