Healing even Doubtful Patients | Back Pain Gone after 20 Years

Cherrylen said to me “I don’t believe you can get me pain free. I’m going to do everything you say just to spite you”

Well, there’s nothing like a challenge to get me motivated! After one treatment Cherrylen was pain free and after two further, she was strong and functional for her environment and her lifestyle. She had everything she needed to live a pain free and functional lifestyle.

To explain how, I need to really break down what pain is. It is a sense. It has more in common with your eye sight, sense of touch and taste than anything else. This makes it incredibly subjective and unique to the individual.

Pain has 4 areas where its volume (intensity) can be turned up

The Frontal Brain

This is where we hold beliefs. Our job is to take such beliefs as “I am fearful of injury… I need someone to help me… My back is ruined…. There is no use” to “I am confident in my spine…. I can do this…. I can make my back better”

Empowerment helps to reduce panic or fear which is held in the Limbic system of the brain (our primitive brain). The more optimistic and empowered you become, the less your pain will be.

The Spinal Cord

Wide dynamic range neurons modulate pain intensity. The problem is that our body is so efficient, the nervous system starts to make itself more sensitive to pain, the longer pain is present.

Our job here is to desensitise with treatment and offer exercises that are what we call “novel”. This is where we take painful movements and mimic them in pain free ways. This starts to desensitise the nervous system AND create new belief systems.

The Peripheral Nervous System

This is where we perceive damage. If pain has been going on for over 3 months it is likely damage isn’t our problem, as the injury has healed. But it is still important to load and treat the injured area to ensure optimal functioning of the injured area.



This was the exact process we followed with Cherrylen and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her. If you’re in pain, please do not hesitate to contact us to book a free consultation. I would love to meet you

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