#ASKELL Logic Collides | Dr Sahota, Iulia Barta (Herbalist), Chirs Spreadbury (Nutritionist) and Elliott Reid (Osteopath)

There’s no doubt that the human species is starting to suffer from their own “success” and we’re having to answer far deeper, philosophical questions such as “how to responsibly generate a surplus of food” rather than “where is our next meal coming from”

In light of this, I posed some more provocative questions to our group of experts such as the following:
  • If you could get rid of terrorism or obesity which would it be?
    i.e. is the greater evil the one that takes the most life or the one where freedom of choice (or the illusion of) is eradicated?
  • Can you be obese and work in the NHS?
    i.e. how valuable is leading by example?
  • Are herbal medicine or pharmaceuticals unsafe
    i.e. is it the tool or the practitioner?
  • Why are some motivated to exercise?
We had a much greater contrast in opinions and I would be interested to hear your perspective so please do write in with your opinions, share on social media and via email. And if you need any time to book a free consultation, you know where we are
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