Fight vs Flight: End of First 8 Week Cycle

Guaranteed Weight Loss | Yes, 100% of all attendees lost at least half a stone

That is incredible isn’t it? Before we announce the winner, can we have a round of applause for all of our competitors in this month’s Fight or Flight Class. We set out to create a team of individuals, beginners and experienced, who could motivate each other, educate each other and hold each other accountable for consistent weight loss. What resulted may be the best weight loss intervention any of them had ever tried.

I am also pleased to say that it was the member who was there from the beginning, who put in copious amounts of effort and focus who has taken the title. Over a stone of body fat lost and a whole load of strength gained, Michelle is looking and feeling better than ever.

team weight loss gravesend revitalize clinic
Michelle Plume takes the title

Darren, our personal trainer pictured here, laid the foundations. He provided the knowledge, the tips, the hacks and the routine for the most effective weight loss and Michelle went for it!

I created the Fight or Flight class because I was sick and tired of reading about ineffective, temporary weight loss solutions.

  • Classes that kid the client into thinking they’ve burnt 900kcal when it’s more like 300kcal
  • Shakes that are no more than a multivitamin and a protein shake and sold to you as a “wonder formula”
  • Exercise with no nutritional advice to aid you in your journey

Listen, if you want to feel like you’re trying and aren’t focused on results, this class isn’t for you. But if weight loss is an issue for you, if you’re looking for a team of people to guide you at a pace that’s right for you, to slowly correct mistakes you’ve always made, to help you to achieve the figure you’ve always wanted, then hit the box and sign up.

Your first session is 50% off. You have nothing to lose and we can’t wait to meet you

Just be honest with yourself. Choose a class that actually has your goals in mind

team weight loss gravesend revitalize clinic
Helen, Lee and Michelle looking great!


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