#ASKDR | The Over Medicated Society, the downfall of NHS and Mental Health

This was a great episode. We kick start with a subject that is becoming an increasingly important topic of discussion; mental health.

Interestingly but probably quite obviously, Dr Sahota goes to the root of the fruit. Sleep, social circles and rat race culture. What do you think about this? Are we having too deep a perspective on mental health before we take care of the superficial commonalities?

We then answer whether or not we should be weighing kids at school, and if there are better alternatives. Check it out. I wouldn’t weigh my children, that’s for sure. But we come up with some interesting alternatives. Children respond well to the reward of productive behaviour, not the outcome. I.e. focus on the number of fruits eaten, the amount of exercise completed per week…. not their weight.

We then go on to answer your questions. Is CBD oil good for you; what is the general knowledge base of GPs outside of pharmaceutical intervention?

Let me know what you think. I would be excited to hear your thoughts

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