Elliott Reid taking the Revitalize Clinic to the Perry’s Awards


I was so fortunate to have been able to take the professions that I believe in, to the Perry’s Exceptional Business awards

Our health (mental and physical) is essentially what allows us the freedom to orientate ourselves, strive and thrive in our existence. It allows us to tolerate the traumas and stresses of the world around us and I feel incredibly fortunate to work with an amazing teams of osteopaths, personal trainers, yogis (as well as other pain clinicians and practitioners) to better the health of thousands of people within our Gravesend clinic.

As I have said before, we’re doing amazing work and we are getting closer to expanding our services to other towns. Stay tuned to witness the expansion of the Revitalize clinic to Maidstone and beyond

Let me know your thoughts and as always, if you would like a chat to discover as to how we can improve your physical, mental or physiological health, please hit the box below to leave us a message. We would love to chat

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