How to Be Healthy the Fun Way | Top 3 Tips


Now you and I know that people are guided by their emotions over their rationality. How often have you said “I don’t feel like it… I feel for some chocolate… I don’t want to eat healthfully today”

Want, feel, like, love etc. they’re feeling words that we often relate to food. Which is why a boring diet is never a sustainable diet

You really have to develop a loving and fun relationship with a healthy lifestyle or it will not come easy. My top 3 tips for a fun and healthy diet are as follows:

  1. Learn to cook and cook fast;
    save time, money and an early death by learning to cook really healthy but delicious food, fast. One pot dishes like curries, roasts and stir fries are great. The average takeaway takes 40mins to deliver. As you get better, you’ll be cooking and eating within 30mins
  2. Take it slow.
    Pick small goals that push you in the right direction and make yourself accountable to them. Go for a 10 min walk once a day. Cook once a week. Reduce your portion sizes by a 3rd and keep going
  3. Learn, learn, learn
    If you know more about Love Island gossip and the lives of the instafamous than you do your own health, please have a look at your priorities. They will not put a spring in your step, boost your sex life, improve your immune system or increase your positivity. Invest in yourself

Luckily we have gotten quite good at helping people to improve their health and fitness :). So drop us a message and I’m sure we can help. We can book you in for a free consultation. Just hit the link below

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