Health is Tolerance to Trauma


Hey, I wanted to share a concept with you that is the underlying principle of what we do at Revitalize and that is the principle of tolerance.

Health is tolerance to trauma not the absence of trauma. A mind that cannot cope with daily stresses is not healthy. A knee that cannot tolerate the forces of walking down the stairs is not a healthy knee.

Avoiding trauma is not healthy but adapting to deal with trauma is.

Chrystal is a great example of this. Her calf and her knee joint, previously, have not been able to handle the trauma of sticking her pieces (landing her moves)

By treating for pain relief and gradually loading an injury, you get it to adapt. For Chrystal, she needs to adapt to essentially, falling. The better she can absorb and utilise the forces of falling, the better she can maintain an injury free state. And this is why we’re challenging her knee and ankle with similar loads to get it to adapt, strengthen and become tolerant of these forces.

Become tolerant and adapted to your environment. Do not retreat into avoiding trauma. We can help you to become strong within that environment whether you’re a deskbound worker, a walker, runner or boxer etc!

Let me know how you’re getting on! And please, if you’re in pain, book a free consultation 🙂

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