We Won! | The Wind Rush, Black History and Community Contributions

Great Grandad Jock (came over during the Windrush era), Great Grandmother Annie and Aunty Debbion

Last Tuesday we won the Windrush Award to commemorate those who have contributed to the community who descend from the Windrush generation. It was a great honour to walk away with a beautiful award

I was in Jamaica 4 weeks ago and my uncle said something that resonated with me, “it took one man’s decision for this to all come to be”

What he meant is that if Great Grandad Jock hadn’t made the decision to fall in love with and marry my Great Grandmother, support her and her 10 children, raise 3 more and move to England in search of progress… we wouldn’t be here

It made me realise the magnitude, positivity and accomplishments that can be made from decisions to progress.

I intend to make decisions and dedicate myself to them every day in the name of progress

Which decisions are you making this week?

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