Gravesend the 4th Most Obese Town in the UK


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I want your opinion on this. Whilst interviewing Dr Sahota during our monthly #ASKDR podcast, he revealed a statistic that I expected but was still very much surprised to hear. Gravesend and Dartford are the 4th worst towns for childhood obesity.

Why do you think this is? Give me your thoughts before you continue to read mine



Statistically, obesity positively correlates to poverty and negatively correlates to intelligence, meaning unfortunately if you’re less educated and poorer, you’re more likely to be obese or have obese children. However growing up from foundations that would “statistically” predispose me to childhood and adulthood obesity, I don’t think this is a simple problem.

Living on the breadline is an extremely stressful and time poor experience. It robs you of the luxury of having ample time to focus on health and wellbeing and in times of stress, can lead people to stress eat. And what parents eat, their children tend to eat.

It takes more discipline, I would say, to be poor and eat well.

There is the common argument that healthy food is more expensive but this is false. When looking at junk food, calories are cheap. I could pay £2 at a fish and chips shop and pick up a large chips which could equate to 1700kcal (enough an average size woman needs to maintain her weight for a day)

But that same portion would only contain 30% of the vitamin C I need, 5% of the calcium and none of the vitamin B12

Calories are cheap in junk food. But we don’t need calories; we’re an obese nation. We need nutrition

My recommendations would be to start learning to cook highly nutritious, easy to prepare, non-British recipes. Thai, Chinese, Indian, Caribbean all tend to be full in colour, nutrition and low in calorie and incredibly low in price

BBC Recipes is a fantastic place to start. And I have started to upload recipes to my instagram page where you can pick up plenty of quick to prepare healthy smoothies, curries and vegan burgers. Let me know what you think

We should aim to be on this planet as long as possible


And if you think eating unhealthily is expensive, try a £1000 a week care bill

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