We don’t get many complaints so when we do, we have to take advantage of them.

So when we have follower say that we’re basically a load of quacks and tricksters, we had to respond. Paul said he’d bet us £500 that we couldn’t fix his back. I decided he must have had a bad experience with other practitioners in the past and wanted to make up for it. I offered him a free treatment, and explained that I wouldn’t hold him to his bet as long as we get to film it

And this is what happened

To be honest, I can empathise with Paul. There are a lot of practitioners out there who are ineffective. The reason I can put so much faith in our team is because our effectiveness is proven. We monitor pain reduction after every treatment and patient satisfaction. We implement the latest research into our treatment plans and collaborate constantly on patient plans.

“I feel a lot better, actually” were Paul’s words after his treatment and we’re happy to have him as a patient

I know you may have some questions about your health and certain injuries so remember to book in for a free consultation if you do

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