20% Off Christmas Vouchers

🎅 🎅 🎅 20% Off of All Services for Christmas  🎅 🎅 🎅
Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Herbal Medicine, Counselling and more
Now I know this is early… trust me I know. But I wouldn’t be wearing a Christmas hat this early if it wasn’t because I wanted to share something special with you
I know your cogs are starting to turn as to what to get your loved ones this Christmas. Do me a favour, when you get in, just ask them what they think of our services
You would have seen us eradicate pain, get our clients in the shape of their life, eradicate psoriasis, eczema, anxiety, depression etc.
And if your loved one says something along the lines of… “you know what, I have been meaning to see someone about that” you know your onto a winner
Right now, all Christmas Vouchers purchased before December the 25th to be used after Christmas are 20% off. There’s no better present than health and fitness 🙂
And there’s no time like the present so message us below to purchase your voucher
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