Harry Reid’s ACL Tear (Knee Injury) | It’s Not Always Good to “Break a Leg”


Over the last couple of month’s we’ve been helping someone who you might think looks familiar

Harry Reid (Eastenders 2014-2018 and Witness for Prosecution 2018) visited our Gravesend Revitalize Clinic with lower back pain and an ACL tear for which he was awaiting surgery. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why would you come in for rehab pre-surgery?

Because the stronger you go into surgery, the stronger you come out. ACL reconstruction is very low on the invasive scale. I’ve seen it. They can be in and out in under an hour. Most people go wrong by resting, resting, resting, coming out of surgery and then realising the knee hasn’t been returned to full function.

The mechanical problem has been fixed. But you haven’t challenged the function and therefore you lose the function.

Harry will notice that he bounces back from surgery at a record rate to return to the stage within weeks after the surgery

And we’re also maintaining his spinal health too. Myself and personal trainer, soon to be physio, Jas are going to watch Harry’s latest show, Witness for Prosecution to make sure all is being done to maintain Harry’s spinal health whilst he’s performing

Check it out. You can buy tickets from The Box Office

And remember, if you’re thinking of checking us out for your injury. Book a free consultation with one of our osteopaths, physiotherapists or sports therapists at our Gravesend Clinic, by contacting us below

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