#ASKDR | Dr Manpinder Sahota and I sit down to answer your questions


Download Audio from PodCast here: Where do you think our health is going?

Or what about the industry? Or the National Health Service?

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Dr Sahota from Pelham Surgery a couple of weeks ago. We have a very similar mission (to improve health) but I learnt so much from speaking to someone from a different sector within our industry.

One of the greatest revelations to me was that the NHS is actually still hugely underfunded when compared to other European countries which further exacerbates the problem of it caring for so many individuals who essentially put themselves it its care due to poor lifestyle choices.

In this podcast, we discuss the questions you wrote in for us to answer as well

  1. Will I ever get off high blood pressure meds
  2. Should my employer be encouraging health in the work place?
  3. How do I lower my blood pressure naturally?

Check it out, let me know what you think and remember to write in the questions you would like us to answer next time

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