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What’s your environment like for the achievement of your goals? Serious question

I remember reading a quote by Dale Carnegie “We are wholly the result of the interaction between our DNA and our environment”

He means that everything we do, every decision we make has been dictated by these two factors. Now, since we cannot control our DNA, how does living in an obesogenic, stressful environment like the UK statistically effect our health?

Quite badly

And since we cannot control our DNA, we must therefore control our environment

So which steps are you taking?

The biggest piece of advice I could give you is to find your tribe. That is a tribe who are trying to increase their mental calm, their physical and mental health. This is what I have designed our classes to help you to accomplish

Our Fight or Flight clients are losing a KG a week. Our Yogis are feeling increasingly calm and their mental wellbeing is improving

Give them a go at 50% off. Hit the box below to claim your discount or ask further questions

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