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Fighting endlessly to find the light in the darkness. To silence negative thoughts that bring you to your knees. Desperate to feel something in the numbness that smothers you every morning
If you relate to this, I have a question for you. What would your life look like without this mental ball and chain?
If you could freely embrace who you are with freedom of mental restraints
We’re proud to announce that our Mental Health Clinic is now open, with Psychotherapist Nicole Lincoln.
Mental health is still hugely unrepresented. You hide you mental health issues because you see it as signs of weakness.
You alone have a 25% likelihood of developing a mental health problem this year.
And it’s good to talk. BUT the problem is your depression isn’t the same as another’s. Your anxiety could be completely different to my own.
This is why I start with you, and your goals. And we go from there to create an individualised approach to your mental wellbeing.
This isn’t just about talking. This is about goal-orientated therapy, regularly assessing your goals and provide the most effective journey towards achieving those goals.
Depression, anxiety, self-harm, bereavement, post traumatic stress syndrome, sexual abuse victims; anger management and stress related disorders; terminal illness patients; these conditions are all specific to the individual which means we have to start with you.
So how do we help you cope, manage, eradicate, strengthen; gain higher self esteem, self-belief, mental endurance. The answers all start with a conversation
Hit the link below to book a free over the phone consultation.
We know that you probably have your questions. We want to organise a free, no obligation over the phone consultation with Nicole. Please message our page with your available times to book your free consultation
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