Gravesend Medical Herbalist Cures Common Diseases


My name is Iulia Barta and I’ve been successfully treating

* unexplained infertility

* autoimmune conditions

* digestive and gut issues with herbal medicine

In herbal medicine, we use modern scientific techniques to trial medicinal herbs that communities have been successfully using for generations. We then take what works, and apply them to your health care.

For example:

* Turmeric used in India is a great anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving remedy and improves liver health as opposed to paracetamol

* St John’s Wort has been shown to help depression

* And the list goes on

You’ll see some examples of the patient’s I’ve treated and there are plenty more testimonials on the Revitalize website.

We want to hear your story; what you’re experiencing and we’ll tell you exactly what we can do for you, free of charge assessment.

So contact our page or call the number below and we look forward to talking to you about how we can help you ASAP

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