Fight or Flight | Competitive Weight Loss Class

“You’ll Lose Weight because Everyone Else is… You’ll Transform Your Body because Everyone Is Fighting to”

Warning: we only have 16 spots to fill so please book in ASAP

First Class 50% Off

Mondays 19:00, Wednesdays 18:30 and Fridays at 19:00

  • Pay as you go £10 per Class
  • 10 classes for £70 (£7 per class)
  • 20 classes for £100 (£5 per class)


It happened again, didn’t it? You lost weight, hit the beach, enjoyed the good life and now you’re right back to where you started? And the cycle continues. But why? Check this out


The one time I found weight loss easy was when I was boxing. I’m serious. Easy. We would be loosing a stone in a week, eating right and loving it without batting an eye lid. Why? Because we were all doing it!


You’re gaining weight because everyone else is. You’re eating the cake. Crash dieting and eating the cake again because everyone else is. But not anymore. You need a new tribe


Welcome to Fight or Flight


8 weeks is all it takes. The game is simple. Join your team. Fight your way as a team through our boxing themed circuit. That will transform your body.


The team that loses the most weight and gains the most strength wins.


You’ll lose weight because everyone else is fighting to do so. You’ll eat better because we’ll show you how to. You’ll get stronger because everyone else is fighting to.


You’re up! Hit the link to fill out the form to gain your first session half price

Over 8 weeks, fight through a 60min circuit that will transform your body. Follow our dietary advice through our range of eBooks


Fight as a team to increase your strength and reduce your weight for a prize at the end of your 8 week programme


Your Team Needs You



Sign up by filling the form below and we will assign you your team during your first session
(please state specifically that you are interested in the fight or flight class)

Mondays 19:00, Wednesdays 18:30 and Fridays at 19:00

First Class 50% off

£10 Pay As You Go

£70 for 10 classes

£100 for 20 classes



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