The Link Between Epiphany and Action is Decision

I was concerned I might have to defend myself. This lead to my decision to get better at doing so

We all have epiphanies. Moments of clarification that produce action (hopefully)

Mine came whilst on holiday. I was confronted by a group of drunk guys, around 7 strong, on a stag do and there was a fair likelihood that I may have to defend myself and my girlfriend. I felt fairly confident, being from a boxing background but there was still the epiphany…. I hadn’t boxed for 8 years

There’s one side of the argument. “I’m sure I would have been ok…” Which might also be in another’s interpretation; “my mum is at high risk for a heart attack but I’ll be fine… My mental health will get better… my injury will eventually heal”

The missing ingredient is action to own the problem.

I’m starting Muay Thai back up every Thursday morning at 6am. You’re welcome to join me at Steve O’Keefes at Revolutions. He’s great

But my main question is what is your epiphany and which actions are you taking? If we can be the catalyst for your actions to speed you to accomplishing new heights of health and fitness, please reply to me directly.

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