Osteopathy for Shoulder Pain

You may not know this, but shoulders are the most common joints we see for injuries, other than the spine. I had a patient myself the other day who could not raise their arm even up to shoulder height, but who had full range of motion after one treatment

This is very common but we also have to ask the question as to what to do when the injury is a bit more chronic, a bit more set in its way

We absolutely have to strengthen it. Not doing so would be a disservice

Now me and Lisa are going through very basic exercises in this initial video. This is what we start with. We often get our patients (even 70+ year olds) performing variations of push ups by the time their rehab has ended because it solidifies our progress and protects the shoulder by strengthening it

I am sure you have questions! If so, hit the box below and we’ll get to your questions asap and book you into our Gravesend clinic where you can see our osteopaths, sports therapists or physiotherapists

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