Trisha Avoids Surgery with Herbal Medicine

My absolute favourite stories of our patients and clients are where they have achieved tremendous growth, in terms of their functional health in their desired environment (i.e. playing with the kids pain free, winning sports championships, living free of depression) OR when they have avoided really traumatic procedures… like surgery for example.

Trisha’s story encapsulates both. Surgery to me is the final option when all else has failed. Unfortunately, you may notice how eager some people are to have surgery because of how “powerful” they deem it to be.

But, common sense and now research is showing us that common surgeries are unnecessarily invasive and unsuccessful. Both spinal surgery and knee surgery have recently made the headlines for this reason.

So I hear you wondering how Iulia was able to work with Trisha to achieve a symptom free lifestyle with the help of herbal medicine.

Time and expertise. Iulia spends at least 90 minutes with her clients going through and extensive case history. This is a lot longer than the 5-10min you may have with your doctor.

Iulia also combines the latest research on the effects of herbal medicine for specific complaints and is able to filter out the good from the bad; the effective and the ineffective. Research is still developing in her field are so far, Iulia has been able to make drastic changes to her patient’s lifestyles in the few years we have been working together

Interested in how Iulia can help you?

Hit the link below. We would love to hear about your complaints. We can book you in for a free consultation this week, to get you the answers you desire

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