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Back pain, herniated discs, shoulder impingement, tension headaches.

You shouldn’t be living with this

When I first opened the Revitalize Clinic, my vision was to not just help people but to help their injuries become stronger so that they never experience that same level of pain and frustration again. 2000 clients later and we’re still going in a new 2000 soft clinic

Now I’m going to show you a video of Sue. She came to me as a medical emergency and a few months later we had her picking 50kg off of the floor

And this isn’t just Sue. There are literally thousands of patients that we’ve helped. Mrs Thomas avoided a knee replacement. Ruth is avoiding a hip replacement. Paul Durso had the first relief he had ever had from a long history of back pain.

The trick is that we take your goal and we provide treatment and exercises as well as long term management to get you there. We tailor the process not just to your goals, but to your financial situation and time constraints.

Now, we know that you have your questions. All we want you to do is call the number below or message our Facebook page for a free consultation with one of our health and fitness professionals.

We want to hear your story; why you’re in pain and we’ll tell you exactly what we can do for you, free of charge

So contact our page or call the number below and we look forward to talking to you about how we can get you pain free

01474 356 284

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