Letter from Mr Britchfield : Transformation of Mind and Spirit

Letter from Mr Britchfield : Transformation of Mind and Spirit


I remember hearing that an X Powerlifter had started training with May. We have a lot of people come to the clinic who have been previously, extremely active… but it’s not enough.


Previous accomplishments like talent and potential need hard work and dedication to bridge the gap between present state and future goals. Mr Britchfield’s story is testimony to this. Have a look at the letter he sent us following his transformation 🙂 His story is the perfect metaphor for our mission


Hello Elliott,
I have written a little story and will send you some photos.
You can use whatever you like. It is my way of paying you back for transforming my life.








My name is Mike and I am 53 years old.
Last September I came off my bike and crashed badly. My leg was cut open and I had to give up cycling for a while. I made the old mistake of not changing my carb rich diet. After an indulgent Christmas, I nervously weighed myself on boxing day and it was somewhere between 125 and 130 kilos. I cannot remember exactly as I jumped off the scales pretty quickly. Considering I am 1.75 metres tall, this was not good.


In January I got the flu and my ears were blocked. I went to the doctors who insisted on taking a blood pressure measurement as I had not had one for some time. I relented even thought I had cycled 15 miles to the surgery in freezing weather as was very unwell. The reading was high as I expected. Later measurements revealed the result was very inaccurate, but it was still not great, so I started to look for a dietician and personal trainer. I didn’t want to put all of my eggs in one basket.


My diet turned out to be pretty horrific and I was making the typical mistake of underestimating my calorie intake and overestimating calories burned. I was also taking in far too much carbs.


I found Revitalize clinic on a Google search and read the bio of a certain May Kovacova. She had completely transformed her body from a very large girl to a stunning athletic and strong young woman. She had done what I wanted to do and after waiting for a slot to become available, I started to train with her.


I soon realised I was pretty unfit, grossly overweight and heading for problems in later life. I initially refused to be measured as I was embarrassed about my condition and it was sometime before I allowed myself to be weighed and dispense with the services of a dietician. I knew May could easily outlift me and I used that to fuel my workouts. She still can, but I am closing in rapidly.


The training was very intense and often I was left lying on the floor struggling to get up (this used to happen to me frequently when the building was a pub). May reminds me of a brutal 1970’s primary school PE teacher and compliments are few and far between, but extra special when you get them.


The fat began to literally drop off me and some weeks I lost up to 2 kilos, but my strength never dipped and thanks to a bespoke and protein rich diet, I was actually gaining muscle mass despite a rather large calorific deficit. Some weeks I seemed to hit a wall, and it is difficult when you lose your “newbie gains”, but adjustments to my diet and training sessions never failed to eventually take me to the next level.


I have now been training with May for almost 7 months. My weight has dropped from over 125 kilos to just over 95 kilos. I do not take much note of how much I can lift, but my strength and overall fitness has improved almost beyond measure. A recent 130 mile bike ride was only cut short due to a sore bottom, not sore leg muscles. Turning to imperial measurements, I have lost an entire foot off my waist, but my arms are actually bigger. 


What were the advantages to me for all this hard work?
1. Reduced blood pressure.
2. Reduced resting heart rate.
2. Improved mood.
3. greater concentration abilities.
4. better skin.
5. improved muscle tone.
6. much more energy.
7. IBS gone.
8. Piles gone.
9. The look on friends faces who have not seen me for a while.
10. decrease in recovery time from exercise.
11. I can cycle to work faster than the bus.
12. Confidence with the opposite sex


1. Had to throw away all of my old clothes.


Why Revitalize
1. Expertise in many fields, not just training
2. superb customer service
3. excellent value for money
4. complete bespoke service
5. regular contact and encouragement




So what do you think? Pretty impressive, aye? We are the catalysts for growth and you are the key ingredient. Please, if you have any wishes to grow as a person, to change your life for the better, hit the button below and contact us
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