Cameron Transformed my Mind whilst transforming his Mind and Body

There comes a time when you meet someone whose journey completely amazes you. Cameron has just stepped out of the ring after fighting for the first time. Impressive right? Wait for it

Let’s put this into context. Children are putting on weight, eating the wrong foods and are become more sedentary at an increasing rate. It takes a lot for a 12 year old to realise this back drop and take immediate action to change for the better. Here come’s Cameron

I remember thinking during Cameron’s first consultation with his parents, this is going to be seriously difficult. Normally clients come to us because they’re low motivation individuals. They cannot find the motivation to live a healthy lifestyle without a mentor i.e. a PT. And to be honest, I think Cameron was maybe the same, at an age where his motivation should be its highest.

But over months, things started to change. He became fascinated with transforming his body; with super foods, ketogenic diets… and then we tried boxing.

Baring in mind, I had suggested for Cameron to go to a boxing club when we first started training together. It wasn’t the right time. It was too stressful an idea. But now was the time. And that is what I learnt. The most powerful action we can take is when it is the result of our own decision.

Early Days

And that was the beginning of Cameron’s journey to become a fighter. He joined a boxing gym whilst training with myself and stepped into the ring last weekend. He battered his opponent. I am incredibly proud of him and what he has achieved. He is becoming an incredibly talented boxer, knowledgable of himself and is fast learning that boundaries are only an illusion. Well done Cameron

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