How to Stay Motivated Whilst Training | Jas Sandhu PT

Inconsistency and lack of accountability are two of the biggest reasons people come to see Jas at the clinic. Motivation can be incredibly short term (ever exercised for the first week of your gym membership and then give up, for example?)

This is why we have to link our motivation to a medium term goal (around 6-12 weeks)

Jas will explain

Most people have performance goals (I want to lift this much weight)

And aesthetic goals (I want to look like this). Or a combination of both

Now, I know I may be repeating what you have already been taught but make them SMART

Specific, measurable, accurate, realistic and time based. I could rant about a revolutionary new way to set yourself goals but why so? When the old way is so consistently productive

But one thing that I will add to the mix is make them fun. Too many people for some reason think we must sacrifice fun for a worthwhile pursuit of a goal.

Set a goal, make it happen. And you know we’re always here 🙂 just drop us a message by hitting the box below if you need any help

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