Yoga Transforms People’s Lives

You don’t know how far you have strayed from complete peace until you return to it

I know the title of this post is dramatic, but let me explain. We all have, hopefully, experienced peace. Taking a stroll on a sunny day; taking our dog to the park; a quiet evening with a loved one.

Well, one thing Leyla has taught me is that this peace ultimately comes within. And it isn’t until we sit, absent from distraction, take a deep breath and calm our minds that we can truly appreciate the beauty around us. Ever been with someone who isn’t quite in the room? Not pleasant is it.

In actual fact this is a skill. Calming ones mind is something that comes after training. Check out this image of the mind before and after meditation

The mind on the right is functioning optimally, focused and efficient. No background noise, negative intrusive thoughts or distraction from the past, future or present. Silent but focused.

Let’s get you back to that. Let’s get you away from thinking about work, responsibility or family. Let’s get back to you. Hit the box below to contact us to book your first yoga class this Tuesday 19:30 at Northfleet School for Girls

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